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Wine Accessories – Which Will YOU Need?


Although having a fantastic bottle of wine on hand is always a good thing, but there are a number of accessories you will need to make the experience possible. For example, how are you going to open the bottle? Are you going to let it breathe first? If so, what will you pour it in? Do you have the right type of glass to go with the wine you are drinking? If you have a number of bottles, how are you going to store them without getting broken? Where will you store them? These are some things that many people do not take into consideration. Here are some of the more popular wine accessories you may want to consider for your collection:

Wine Glasses

Most people will drink wine out of glasses (as opposed to straight from the bottle), but do you have the right type? Although a lot of people will think that any old glass will do, to the seasoned wine taster, this is not the case! Different types of glasses will have different shapes. It is the shape of the glass that can actually have an effect on its perception to the drinker.

Wine bottle openers

These are required when the bottle of wine is stoppered with a cork, although many wine bottles are now closed with a screw cap lid. The most popular type of wine opener is called a sommelier knife, or a “waiter’s friend”. These look like a pocket knife which has a small blade (for cutting the foil around the cork) and a levered corkscrew. Wine poppers are also becoming more popular, particularly in busy wine bars. With these, a hollow spike is driven completely into the cork and small burst of carbon dioxide from a cartridge is released into the bottle, which forces the cork out the top.

Wine Refrigerator

This is just as the name says; a refrigerator to store wine. However, these are specially designed so that the proper temperature at which to store the wines is maintained. This is particularly useful for people who live in warmer climates. With many designs, you can keep red wine in one side of the refrigerator, and store white wine (at a much lower temperature) on the other side, and the refrigerator will maintain the two different temperatures…how convenient is that??!?

Wine Decanter

This is a glass serving vessel where the entire bottle of wine is emptied into it. By doing this, it actually serves a number of purposes. It removes the sediment at the bottom (common with red wines), it aerates the wine, makes for easier pouring into glasses, and it gives a rather elegant presentation. There are numerous types and styles of decanters available in many wine accessory shops.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are used to store bottles of wine for extended periods of time. The majority of racks are designed to allow the bottle to be stored on its side and slightly downwards towards the cork, which allows for long-term aging. The downward orientation towards the cork prevents it from drying out and allowing oxygen to enter and spoil the wine. Today, you can easily find wine racks made of wood, steel and stone. They can hold a dozen bottles, or even thousands. In many cases, they also serve a decorative function in people’s homes.

Wine Collar

This is a great accessory that fits around the neck of the bottle. It is used is used to absorb any drips that might run down the neck of the bottle after it is poured. The advantage to having this is that it prevents any staining to the surface (or clothes) that the wine bottle might come into contact with. Those who drink a lot of red wine will definitely appreciate it!

Wine Stopper

This handy accessory is a must-have for anyone who appreciates wine. It is simply used to seal a bottle of leftover wine that is not finished, as replacing the cork can be rather difficult. They can be made of either cork, plastic or rubber, although the tops can be made of any material and tend to be quite decorative.

Wine Thief

No, this has nothing to do with a criminal! It is a food grade pipette that is used by winemakers during the winemaking process to remove a small amount of wine from whatever fermentation device is being used and be tested for progress. If you are thinking of making your own wine, this is an accessory you should definitely consider!

Wine Aerator

This is a small device that is placed on the top of a bottle or decanter for aerating the wine. It is used as a substitute for swirling the wine or the need to pour it into a decanter. There are a number of different styles of aerators used to accomplish aeration. Injection-style hand held acrylic ones are the most common, while decanter top and in-bottle aerators are also available.

Contrary to what many people would believe, there are many different wine accessories other than a corkscrew that people may need. Knowing there are many types around will make your wine experiences so much more easier and enjoyable!

Source by Doug Arnold

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