Useful Wine Accessories


One of the most important  wine   accessories  to have is stemware. Stemware is a type of drink ware that stands up on a stem above a base. Most of the time it’s made from glass, but it can also be made from metals and ceramics. There is a wide variety of stemware such as  wine  glasses, champagne flutes, chalices and goblets, cocktail glasses, Brandy snifters, and cordial glasses. Each stemware plays an individual part in  wine  or alcoholic beverages.

Another important  wine   accessory  is the corkscrew. The corkscrew is used for drawing stopping corks from  wine  bottles. Corkscrews are necessary because corks are too small and smooth. There are four basic types of corkscrews. There is the basic wooden handled corkscrew, wing corkscrew, sommelier knife, and twin-prong cork puller.

Decanters also play a big part in  wine   accessories . Decanters are vessels equipped with a stopper that is used to hold the decantation of a liquid which may contain sediment. It is used as a serving vessel for  wine . Most decanters have a tall, upright shape and are made of glass to allow inspection of the process of decanting. The shapes may vary due to the modernization of decanters.

Another  accessory  is the  wine  rack. The  wine  rack, which many  wine  collectors and restaurants own, is a storage device used for the orientation of long term  wine  aging. It usually lays the bottle on its side at a downward angle to keep the cork from drying and the ensuing entry of oxygen. It also serves as a decorative piece in homes.

An additional  wine   accessory  is the  wine  collar. It fits around the neck of the  wine  bottle. It stops any dripping that may occur after the bottle of  wine  has been poured. This is important because it help prevents the staining of surfaces that the  wine  may come in contact with such as counter top, tables, and table cloths.  Wine  collars are also generally known as a drip ring, drip dickey or drip collar.

As a whole, each of the  wine   accessories  mentioned play an important role in serving and preserving  wine . From the collar to the rack, all  wine   accessories  play a very big role.

Source by Lindsay Alston

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