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Champagne Gifts: The Great Champagne Names


Though the name champagne already connotes prestige in itself, in giving champagne gifts, it is also a must to know the brands or houses from which your champagne came from. Here’s a list of some of the popular champagne brands or houses that grace lovely champagne gift baskets the world over.

  1. Moet et Chandon’s Dom Perignon – This champagne has been hailed the King of all Champagnes. It is a cuvee de prestige, which is defined to be a proprietary blend of top calibre for a house. To receive this as a champagne gift is truly an honour in itself worth celebrating.
  2. Louis Roederer’s Cristal – This champagne is quite a connoisseur’s delight with its refined richness and depth. Also a cuvee de prestige, Cristal was once only offered for the consumption of the Russian Tsar until it w...

Health Benefits of Champagne

Champagne a festive wine was actually the first wine which was made 2,000 years ago, was named after a small town in France. Wines from the champagne region were known from the middle-ages. During those periods wines were either red or white. more
Champagne cocktail

Champagne Cocktails

If you are looking for a special treat, why not spoil yourself with a Champagne cocktail? Perfect for any party or celebration, you’ll get a truly spectacular cocktail, along with all the taste of your favorite Champagne. To help you get started, give these ideas a try. more

All About Champagne

What is Champagne? Lets start with the fundamental question of what Champagne exactly is. Champagne is a sparkling wine. Simply put, a wine that has bubbles or is carbonated. Thus, Champagne is after all wine. Champagne is actually a northern region in France. It is here that Champagne is made and bottled for the world to enjoy. In fact, only if the wine is from the Champagne region, can it be called Champagne. more