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Just as you need more than food to enjoy a meal, there are wine accessories that make wonderful gifts and make drinking wine more pleasurable. Wines come in many varieties with different characteristics that are best enjoyed with the proper glassware. A set of these essentials is a good place to start your quest for the perfect gift.

To enjoy wine to its fullest extent, the shape of the glass plays a very important role; helping to aerate and concentrate the aroma of the wine. The wine glass you choose should have an adequate stem length for proper handling. Although it is quite common for wine to be served in a wine tumbler or to see people hold the bowl of a wine glass, they forget that wine needs to “breathe” and the heat of the hand can affect the taste of the wine.

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Accessories – Wine Lover’s Mark

The popularity of wine spreads all over the world. This drink loved by all, is perhaps one of the oldest alcoholic beverages available. A true wine lover not only loves to drink it, but also loves to serve it to other people. For a wine connoisseur, a wine rack is a must to have in his house. more

Overview on California Wine Country

If you require guidance for enjoying a trip to the California wine country, you need to look for popular tours or resources that are available. Many self-planning guides are accessible for visitors to complement the wine tasting experience and make your adventure unforgettable. more

Tasting Wine: The Basics For Beginners

Your tongue is covered with over 10,000 individual taste buds great for wine tasting. These receptors enable us to detect the presence of certain compounds in our food and drink. Yet for all the adjectives we have to describe flavors, there are only 4 basic flavors the tongue can detect, with a fifth having been described in Asian cultures and only recently being accepted in the west. more

Cabernet Sauvignon – the Leading Red Wine Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon's origin was a little unclear because there are many myths and conjunctures surrounding it. The word "Sauvignon" is believed to have been derived from the French word sauvage, which means wild. It is referred to the grape being a wild Vitis vinifera vine native to France. The grape used to be rumored as having ancient origins. more
Wine Basics

Wine Basics – Find Great Wine Values

Ever felt discontentment and agitated after paying too much for a bottle of wine? Getting a good deal on this kind of product is like getting a good deal on any other. It feels simply good. In fact there is an air of satisfaction just knowing that you have found true wine values in your purchases. more